5 music videos that inspired directing duo Us

Us made it into our Cool List 2012 for their trailblazing videos for Benga and Wiley – here's five of their favourite music vids

Hackney-based music promo geeks Us (AKA Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor) made our Cool List 2012 for their award-winning video for Wiley's Numbers in Action last year and the equally ingenious SoundCloud-inspired vid for Benga's I Will Never Change.

Is Tropical 'The Greeks'

When we first watched this it completely took us by surprise. The contrast between the kids playing and violence is a stroke of genius, it's like looking into the depths of a child's imagination whilst they play war.

The Chemical Brothers 'Star Guitar'

Such a simple observation pushed and developed into an amazing video in such a way it keeps you in awe for the whole 4 minutes.

Jamiroquai 'Virtual Insanity'

The first video that grabbed both of our attentions and made us think 'how the hell did they do that?' With all great music videos the execution in the end was effortlessly simple. 

Coldplay 'Life in Technicolor ii'

An amazing idea worked to the bone which takes you on a fantastic journey and keeps you guessing all the way through. The attention to detail is insane, with every viewing you notice something new. 

Benga - I Will Never Change from Us on Vimeo.

Benga 'I Will Never Change'

OK this is in fact the latest Us video – it took directors Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor three days and 960 shots to make and the pair used spare vinyl stock, individually cut with a grouter, which Benga's record label was going to throw away.

Look out for their next project – a 5K affair, shot with a Red Epic camera, for Kimbra aka The Girl From the Gotye Video.

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