5 of the best new Lego sets from Toy Fair 2012

We've scoured the Toy Fair and dug up some Lego gold. Here are some of our favourite sets for hours of bricky shenanigans

Lego Batcave (6860)

£70, amazon.co.uk

As you feast your eyes upon the glory of this Lego Batcave you can feel the sensible part of your brain fighting a losing battle to stop you buying it using 'logic' and 'reason'. We'd just like to point out that the mini lift has a feature in which Lego Bruce Wayne goes in one end and Lego Batman comes out the other. You've already bought it, haven't you?

Lego Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter (9493)


Lego Destiny's Bounty (9446)


Lego Series 6 Minifigures

prd:26950127" target="_self">play.com


One of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars universe can now be yours in Lego form, complete with retractable landing gear, foldable wings and tiny little Lego Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 figures. Now you just need a Lego Death Star to blow up in to a million bricks and put back together again. That's the weekend sorted.

Lego Pick-up Tow Truck (9395)

£60, toysrus.co.uk

The latest Ninjago series kicks off with this impressive looking red dragon-inspired vessel. We're no experts on sailing the high seas, but we've checked a canon, treasure, anchor and sails off our list – everything a budding ninja sailor should need to deal out some watery Lego justice.

£2, forbiddenplanet.com

A leprechaun, a genie, a pink astronaut, an outlaw, the statue of liberty, a minotaur and a clockwork robot are just a few examples of the Lego people on offer in the latest series of Minifigures. That's a more diverse set of characters than an 'anything goes' fancy dress competition. Collect the whole set and add a splash of fun to your office desk.

£42, jacinabox.co.uk

You might not be able to use it get the family car out of a spot of bother, but this Lego tow truck still features working steering, a foldable tow lift, and a piston engine under the hood. Add on an optional Lego Power Functions kit and you have yourself a motorised version. Clever stuff.

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