Like the KiSS 1600 from rival Linksys, the EVA8000 benefits from the fact that Netgear knows its way around a computer.

Wireless wonder

For starters, it’s really easy to get going and once hooked up will locate suitable networks in mere moments.

And unlike some rival streamers, the EVA8000 loves streaming smooth, sharp HD video wirelessly. Our 720p test videos were colourful and detailed and there was no horrible stuttering to ruin the delivery.



The Netgear will be good to your ears too, supporting a nice range of formats, including protected music from iTunes. The only black mark against it in this regard is its aversion to Apple Lossless files – it threw a hissy fit and turned itself off when we tried, but Netgear has indicated that firmware upgrade could be on the cards.

And although the menus include useful photo thumbnails you could hardly describe them as a joy to use.

That said, it’s not enough of a problem to affect your enjoyment of the EVA8000, particularly when you consider the little extras Netgear has bestowed upon it like a generous godparent.


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Netgear EVA8000 review

Top quality HD streaming and wide file support make this one of the best media streamers around