Strøm’s City is a stylish e-bike for urban dwellers in a hurry

Wheel talk
12 April 2018 / 17:27BST

If you’ve ever been to Denmark, you’ll know that the people there are big on bikes. If cycling to work in central London is a cacophony of horns and swear words, in Copenhagen it’s serene. So, when a brand new e-bike arrives from Scandinavia’s southernmost nation, we take notice. From Strøm, the City (from $899) is a stylish, streamlined ride designed to get you from A to B with minimal fuss. Its detachable battery is hidden within the aluminum frame, so nobody will know you’re cheating when the 250 watt motor (350 if you’re in the US, who also get an automatic throttle) and puncture-free tyres propel you forward. Make use of the six-level pedal assist function, which you can monitor on the LED display. or just treat it like a regular old bike, only turning to electricity when you realise how late you are.

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