TV of the Year 2016

Awards Winner
You could buy a decent second-hand car for the price of LG’s whopping OLED but what the E6V lacks in wheels, seats and an engine it makes up for in, well, telly stuff (plus you can’t hang a 2007 Toyota Prius on the wall and watch Mr Robot on it). This isn’t even the most expensive model – that honour goes to the G6 Signature – but that doesn’t mean the E6V has a second-rate spec sheet. It’s no secret anymore that OLED tech gives you the best 4K picture but it’s also the LG’s HDR performance that makes it a winner, plus its WebOS interface is better than ever. Feed the E6V an Ultra HD Blu-ray and there’s a chance you’ll never visit a cinema again. It looks the part too; an imposing slab of thin glass with a thicker base to anchor it in place. We’d take one over a second-hand Prius any day of the week.

The runners-up

Not only does this 58in Panasonic deliver awesome 4K images complete with HDR, it also avoid the usual weedy flatscreen sound problem by having a rather smashing built-in soundbar.

As a way to make your telly stand out, slapping a nine-projector array on the back to extend the edges of the screen into a fabulous light show takes some beating. And that's what this Philips does.

We’d never claim £1300 isn’t a lot of dosh, but we would say it’s pretty good value for a 55in 4K telly with HDR support - especially when it performs as well as this Samsung. Which is very well.

Samsung UE65KS9000

OLED is ace, but it’s also super-expensive. That’s why this glorious, huge, curved LCD set from Samsung, which is half the price of the LG above it in this list, is so darn tempting.