Turn your iPhone into a canine companion

When is your iPhone not an iPhone? When it's an interactive SmartPet of course

Have you ever looked at your trusty iPhone and thought that the one feature it lacked was its ability to chase sticks and yap? Well fear not – Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai has the ideal solution.

The Smartpet is essentially an iPhone dock with legs, ears and a tail, which cradles your trusty iPhone and transforms it from simple smartphone to a loveable walking robotic pet, with over 100 different facial animations.

You can even take a photograph of a loved one and use their face for your iPet. We can think of no higher honour.

Naturally you can take this little iPup for a walk – and the SmartPet will sing, dance and perform a multitude of adorable tricks, using the iPhone's front-facing camera for gesture recognition.

If you fancy petting your iPhone's screen then you can order your very own Smartpet for £55. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to patent the iCat dock, complete with condescending animations, an air of studied indifference and a life-like clawing action.

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