Shopaholics beware: Google search results will soon have buy buttons

Got an online shopping problem? Google’s not going to make it any better for you

Google’s going to make it even easier for online shoppers to drain their bank accounts.

The online search giant has announced that it’s going to introduce a “buy button” directly in its search results, letting users purchase items without having to click through to other sites.

Despite the rise in online retailers like Amazon, nine out of ten people still buy things in brick and mortar stores, according to Google’s Chief Business Officer Omid Kordestani.

Online shopping is continuing to grow however, and Google’s latest move should help entice shoppers from bypassing Google and going directly to Amazon and other sites to shop for products.

By eliminating the need to leave Google, the search giant will make its premium slots at the top of its results pages even more coveted, which should help rake in even more cash for the billion dollar company.

As for us? We’re looking forward to spontaneously ordering 15kg of beef jerky on the way to work, before our brains have had time to process what our hands have done.

[via BBC News]