Samsung Galaxy S3 is official contactless payment Olympic phone

We knew the NFC in the S3 would go to good use and now Visa has signed up, it looks promising for mobile payments

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the official contactless payment mobile of the Olympics in conjunction with Visa.

That means a selection of trialists and sponsored athletes will be using the NFC in the Samsung Galaxy S3 to pay for items using Visa payWave. A simple swipe of the mobile over a wireless reader will buy the user anything from a sandwich to a taxi. Anything over £20 will require a password too, for security.

If it’s a success the trial should start to roll out to all S3 owners for use on any of the 140,000 contactless payment points in the UK alone. And if all that isn’t enough to make you love the mobile, check out our Samsung Galaxy S3 video preview for more of its brilliance.

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