Nokia Comes With Music heading to N95 8GB?

Nokia has been keen to deny that their Comes With Music service would be rocking anything other than the 5310 XpressMusic phone. But now it looks as i

The phone itself is no different to the original, but apparently has the free tunes service on board, letting you snaffle as many tracks as you want for 18 months, no matter what network you're on. The cost? A massive £480.

There are some major caveats here though. Nokia has previously told us that it doesn't have any plans to being the service to the N95 and Expansys does have a habit of leaking shonky details – they listed the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm for sale months ago. RIM hasn't even announced their top–end cell yet.

We're onto Nokia for more details, but might we suggest you save any excitement for the impending launch of the Nokia Tube on Thursday. Now if any phone's going to have Comes With Music, it'll be that one.


N95 8GB and Nokia Comes With Music

Price: £480

On sale: TBA

Contact: Nokia