iPhone 5 to have new 8 pin dock connector

Skipped breakfast this morning? Why not fill up on another juicy iPhone 5 rumour? Now with 100 per cent of your RDA of speculation

The iPhone 5 has already nabbed the gold in the rumour Olympics this year, but that hasn't stopped the iRumour mill from continuing to tease us all with more juicy morsels of speculation.

The latest iRumour centres around the shrinking of the existing 32 pin dock connector to a smaller 8 pin one, which would make even the previously rumoured 19 pin connector look chunky in comparison.

According to iLounge's anonymous source, the new 8 pin dock connector will play nice with docks and cables in either orientation, which will be a godsend for weak-sighted and inebriated gadgeteers alike.

As for your horde of iDocks and accessories? Well, there's a good chance they'll end up being redundant unless they're AirPlay or Bluetooth enabled, but you can't have progress without change we suppose.

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[iLounge via MacRumours]

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