Apple to release Siri code to app developers?

Will 2012 bring us Siri on the iPad 3 and a store chock full of voice-activated apps?

When the iPhone 4S launched, we reckoned Siri would kickstart a vocal revolution. But to achieve world domination s/he's going to need a few more killer uses and that's why analysts are starting to talk about the prospect of Apple releasing a Siri SDK in the next year to 18 months.

We can see it now – a Siri section in the App Store focusing on voice control. We could bark orders at characters in iOS games – "Shoot him in the face!" – as well as buy all our new gear from within shopping apps by telling Siri what we want. Or breathlessly yell how long we just jogged for at our iPhone so Siri can make sure it's recorded in our fitness app.

And if the rumours are true that Siri is hopping on board the iPad 3, Apple's next tablet might be more iPhone-like than we first thought. The iPad already has a mic for Skype calls so there's no reason the tablet would get left behind as apps for the iPhone 4S and future Apple smartphones note down and solve our every whim. Could we even see an iPad Mini to rival Samsung's Galaxy Note?

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