Apple iCloud – Universal signs up, logo and pricing revealed?

The decorations are (un)officially up and Universal has joined the iCloud party. But would you pay for it all?

Apple’s WWDC is only three days away and spy shots courtesy of AppleInsider have unveiled what appears to be the first official siting of Apple’s cloud logo. With Universal (the last of the big four record labels) signing up, the pieces of the puzzle seem to have fallen in to place rather nicely for Apple which now has official licensing rights – an ace in the hole that should have Amazon and Google running for cover. However, speculations in the technosphere suggest that only iTunes purchased tracks will be compatible with the new streaming service, at least for the immediate future. Coupled with the LA Times’ rumours of an eventual US$25 annual fee, it’s clear that the maelstrom of rumours will not cease until Mr Jobs steps in to the spotlight on Monday and bestows us with the solid facts at last. Speaking for our rumour-ravaged brains, that time cannot come soon enough. 

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