This budget Freeview box has long been one of our favourites and, and not just because of its name. Humax’s ‘fox on the box’ is a talented performer with a neat and tidy design that benefits from above-average build quality and decent looks.

That last comment may seem a bit generous, but you’ve only got to have a gander in the set-top section of your local electronics store to see that it’s not exactly the most demanding of beauty contests.

Slick operator

Not that it’s a vacuous poseur – connectivity is excellent, with twin Scart sockets as well as composite and S-Video outputs. There’s even an optical digital out to hook it up to your AV receiver.

And the picture quality is, well, the fox’s cajones. If you love football, you’ll be particularly impressed – while other Freeview boxes struggle to capture the motion of diving superstars with any clarity, the F2-FOX-T produces a distortion-free picture. You can even recognise most of the players.

Film star

Films are good too with excellent picture detail even in dark scenes and rich colours that manage not to be overbearing.

Whether you’re buying a Freeview box for a 20in CRT or a 50in plasma, this is the one. 

Stuff says... 

Humax F2-FOX-T review

The ‘fox on the box’ lives up to its billing, with excellent picture quality and a bargain price tag. A finer budget set-top you’ll struggle to find