Playlist: YouTube channels

Here's our pick of the channels from the world's biggest cat video catalogue

If you visit YouTube for the occasional video, you'll know quality is variable. But some channels manage to keep the standard high every week. 

For those moments when trawling YouTube aimlessly starts to become a bit of a bore, we've found 11 of the best channels to make sure you keep entertained and thoroughly unproductive all day.

Below you'll find science shows about coffee and hummingbirds, epic rap battles between historical figures, comedy, pop culture, an analysis of the errors in Frozen and much, much more. Enjoy.


British vlogger Ashens' channel is a mix of unboxings, tech and comedy, but the real gems are where he tries things that most right-thinking people would avoid like the plague.

From fake games consoles and knock-off phones to out of date, and possibly lethal, foodstuffs, Ashens tries the worst things in life so you don't have to. All that and he's more thorough than we have any right to ask him to be, somehow keeping his humour as he goes.

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League of Super Critics

Navigating the tricky world of Pop Culture, the League of Super Critics casts a thorough eye over cinema, music, comics and more.

There's a different critic for each day of the week, but our pick is Todd in the Shadows' surprisingly in-depth 'One Hit Wonderland', where fly-by-night music acts have their career and 15 minutes of fame painstakingly picked over. Overall the channel is both entertaining and surprisingly informative – who knew there was more to Sir Mixalot than met the eye?

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Destin Sandlin is a missile test engineer by day, but his informative patter ensures you don't have to be a rocket scientist yourself to follow SmarterEveryDay.

With judicious use of slow-motion footage, replays and a solid understanding of physics and chemistry, Destin patiently helps answer questions such as "How does a cat always land on its feet?", "What's the most efficient microwave spot?" and "How is beatboxing done?" from a scientific standpoint. You'll definitely learn something.

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Epic Rap Battles from History

The idea is simple, yet genius: get two historical titans to argue their legacy in a rap battle. Brilliant likenesses, smooth production, catchy music and surprisingly well researched smackdowns make each three-minute rap battle compelling watching.

The battles range from historical (Shakespeare vs Doctor Seuss) to fictional (Batman vs Sherlock Holmes) to just ridiculous (Beethoven vs Justin Bieber.) The 15th most popular channel on YouTube – it's no wonder they've just announced a rap battle world tour.

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Smooth McGroove

Do you have enough videogame a capella in your life? The answer is either "no" or a total lie, so let us introduce you to Smooth McGroove. He covers gaming music, doing every layer himself, accompanied by in-game footage and multiple versions of his bearded face performing each segment, with occasional cameos from his cat.

The most popular videos are from early Nintendo and Sega consoles, giving his viewers a dose of nostalgia alongside their wonderment.

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You may think you're a cinematic pedant... but you've got nothing on these guys.

It tears apart movies one cliché or inconsistency at a time and even includes a helpful counter in the top left corner just to rub it in for anyone connected with the film who might be watching.

The most popular film to see ripped apart is Disney hit Frozen, with over 16 million views, though at only 96 movie sins, it isn't the worst offender...

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