Chinese brand ZTE is on a mission to make smartphones affordable. With the Skate, the omens are good: this is a cheap handset with, at 4.3in, a big screen for your money. The glossy case and over-clicky buttons might not be perfect but it’s undeniably great value.

ZTE Skate – speed

While most manufacturers throw widgets and apps at Android, the Skate has an almost vanilla version of 2.3 Gingerbread. That leaves it feeling plain, but simple and easy to navigate. Unfortunately it’s slow with launching apps and touchscreen response alike.

ZTE Skate – battery

Powering a 4.3in screen saps power so you’ll need to recharge the Skate daily – or even more frequently if you’re an itchy-fingered user.

ZTE Skate – camera

The 5MP camera has an LED flash but there’s lots of shutter lag while the camera focuses, and the resulting images won't blow you away.

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ZTE Skate review

With a big screen and glossy styling, the ZTE is great value. But fast, it ain’t

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