Despite the PS3-dwarfing price tag of £900, we reckon this single-speaker audio system is a rather sharp piece of kit, and it’s the perfect companion for that 42in HDTV you’ve always wanted….

And whether wall-mounted or perched upon one of Yamaha’s TV stands, it looks cracking. The YSP-1100 oozes what can only be described (by Thierry Henry) as ‘Va va voom’ with its sumptuous minimalist styling guaranteed to make a big impression in your living room.

Master blaster

You can’t help but marvel at the simplicity of the YSP-1100 – a one-box solution that shoots out sound meticulously calculated to provide a multi-dimensional audio environment. And all this from the single slimline speaker sat beneath your TV.

Yes, the sound may not be quite as polished as most satellite systems, but this audio architect packs some seriously complex technology to provide the next-best option. 

Big brother

Yamaha have also released a thriftier younger sibling, the YSP-900, which you can snare for around £600. But fork out the extra cash, and you’ll get a larger bass drive unit, a pair of 11cm woofers and no fewer than 40 ‘sound beam’ units, all of which makes a screening of Die Hard that bit more blood-splatteringly brutal.

And the YSP-1100 continues to outshine its sibling, with the extra grunt bulking up the surround sound to pump out steroid-enhanced audio. Whilst it’s no replacement for a genuine surround-sound setup the YSP-1100 projects a powerful, atmospheric audio and offers a competent solution for smaller rooms.

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Stuff says... 

Yamaha YSP-1100 review

A stunning concept, executed with breathtaking precision. One of the coolest systems we’ve ever seen.