Yamaha's PDX-50 looks like a normal iPod-docking speaker system, but where you'd expect to insert your portable there's a sticky-out nubbin. Instead, you attach a small transmitter to the base of your player (all current iPods are compatible) and tunes are sent wirelessly to the unit.

Part of a new 'Desktop Audio' range from Yamaha, it uses AirWired technology to transmit the signal losslessly; this combines with a capable amp and driver arrangement to create an impressive musical performance.

Weighty sound

Play Tori Amos' Welcome to England, and vocals come through with clear detail and texture, while the treble of the hi-hat and metal-stringed acoustic guitar is zingy and sparkly.

Bass is surprisingly deep and weighty, and though a touch detached from the rest of the delivery, it does a good job of creating scale.

The wireless signal is sent with no noticeable delay, and the transmitter is sensibly small, so you can comfortably sit on your sofa and check your emails while your iPod is streaming music to the main unit.

Charges your iPod

There's a small charging ring that sits separate to the main unit and will charge your iPod or iPhone with the transmitter attached. There's no aux-in, but with a wireless performance this good, why would you need one?

By the standard of iPod docks the Yamaha PDX-50 is very good, while by the standard of wireless products it's very impressive indeed. Well worth a look.


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Yamaha PDX-50 review

Wireless music so often falls short of expectations, but the PDX-50 really delivers