Always wanted a grand piano but can’t find the space? Try these M170 speakers, featuring the same stunning black finish as Yamaha’s Joannas. No? Surely a DAB/FM/AM tuner, 40 presets, compatibility with CD-R/RW discs and a sleep timer get your attention? Oh come on…

The M170 might look flash but it’s workmanlike, too. The clear display is operated using solid, intuitively laid-out buttons. The clock, timer and sleep settings all a) work, and b) can be set by your average 10-year-old.

Sonically it sparkles, too. CDs sound clean, clear, dynamic and detailed, while DAB and FM reception is both stable and authoritative. Cool remote, too. This is a sure fire favourite.

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Yamaha M170 review

This yummy Yam delivers everything we want from a system, in style