Such is the way of tech that today’s gadget stars soon become obsolete. Take the Wii. Once it wowed us with its motion controls, now it feels old hat, a point Wii Play Motion cruelly rams home.

It’s not that its collection of 12 mini-games is riddled with duff moments. Sure, some provoke little more than a weary shrug, but others are genuinely inventive, such as the ghostbusting antics of Spooky Search, which turns the Wiimote into a device for homing in on off-screen spirits.

There’s even a healthy dose of silliness to savour in the giant ice cream balancing act of Cone Zone or Wind Runner’s umbrella and rollerskates approach to racing.

But the bulk are paper-thin dollops of family entertainment designed almost exclusively to show off the precision of the Wii Motion Plus controller that comes with the game. Back in the early days of the Wii these games would have felt refreshing but today they feel familiar and tired.

Nonetheless there are brief fizzles of fun to be had and it’s easy to see tweens lapping up the simple good-natured play on offer in its Whac-A-Mole clone or the nursery school pinball of Teeter Targets. And you do, of course, get a brand new Wiimote with built-in Wii Motion Plus for the £45 price tag.

Ultimately, though, Wii Play Motion is about splashing around in the shallow end of gaming’s deep rich ocean.

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Wii Play Motion review

Inspiration is thin on the ground, but younger fans of Ninty’s home console may still find the odd kick