What to watch on Netflix 2016

How do you find the best stuff in Netflix's huge catalogue? You don't have to - we've done it for you! Here's our list of the 40 best films, TV shows and documentaries on Netflix UK right now

Netflix adds dozens of new films and TV series each month - but are they all worth watching? Well, the ones we've listed here certainly are - and we know because we've tried them out for you

Netflix didn't invent the box-set but it sure made it easier - and cheaper - to watch them. From Breaking Bad to Netflix Originals such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, you'll find them all in here

Netflix is stacked with great sci-fi movies and TV shows - which is nice, because we're total geeks. From time-travelling mind-bender Looper to Star Trek flicks and Arnie films, you'll find them all here

There's nothing like a good frightener on a Friday night, so allow us to help you scare yourself stupid. Netflix is crammed with horror films and even the odd TV series; here's where to start

In the mood for a laugh this weekend? Here’s the funniest stuff you can stream on Netflix UK, from UK sitcoms to brash US animated offense-o-thons and everything in-between

Yeah TV is bad for kids and blah blah blah - but sometimes you just need some parenting help. Netflix is the best childminder you'll ever get, so settle your little ones down in front of one of these gems

From xenomorphs to the Holy Grail, there are dozens of drawn delights awaiting you on the world's most popular streaming service. These are our favourites

Looking for something to watch? We've rounded up the finest films and TV shows on Netflix USA, from glossy Netflix Originals to hard-hitting documentaries and quirky indie movies