Yes, we admit it – we turned a hue of green similar to our Android robots when iPhone-toting friends' snaps taken on the Hipstamatic app started to crop up in all their retro-vignetted glory on Facebook – for a while there was just no similar app that could match it on Market.

Now there are now two main Android contenders – Retro Camera and Vignette. While Retro Camera has charmed the masses with its beautiful interface and witty touches such as hanging your snaps on a darkroom line to dry, it's let down by a choice of a mere five cameras and an inexplicably tiny onscreen viewfinder.

Vignette may seem a little more homespun – the menu systems could be described as basic at best – but the feature set is one dreamt up by film cam fanatics. The 68 effects and 56 different frames mean that you can potter till . All the usual nostalgic snappers are present – Lomo, toy camera and Polaroid, and there are also neat options for tilt-shift, photobooth and cross-processing.

And let's face it – Android smartphone cams aren't exactly market-leading, so a swaddling of retro effects is the perfect way to transform your images from depressingly passe to acceptably cool.

Vignette is slightly let down by sluggish loading and saving times, which make it pretty hopeless for spontaneous shots, but for funky still-life or portraits, we still think it's by far the best rival to Hipstamatic.

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Vignette review

A massive suite of retrofying options make this the viable Android alternative to Hipstamatic