TVs 32" to 42"

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31 July 2009 / 6:00BST

Philips 32PFL9604 review

Philips’ flagship 32in TV brings full internet access into your living room. And it’s a mighty fine telly to boot
20 July 2009 / 6:00BST

Sony KDL-37W5500 review

This high-spec 37in LCD telly certainly seems to be the biz – so, has Sony sorted out those pesky backlight-bleed issues?
17 July 2009 / 6:00BST

JVC LT-42DV1 review

JVC’s second-generation Super Slim LCD TV introduces a new contrast-boosting backlight, improved design, and, um, handclap control
15 July 2009 / 6:00BST

Panasonic TX-L37G15 review

Want Freesat HD but don’t fancy yet another box under the telly? This 37in, Full HD Panasonic has the answer
24 April 2009 / 6:00BST

Philips 42PFL9803 review

Philips’ flagship ‘Lux’ is one of the most expensive 42in TVs on the market. Luckily, it’s also one of the...
14 April 2009 / 6:00BST

Samsung UE40B7020 review

For a set that all but disappears if you look at it side, on, this Sammy packs some serious tech...
09 April 2009 / 6:00BST

Panasonic TX-P42X10B review

You might scoff at a £700 set that doesn’t boast Full HD, but don’t write off this Panny yet –...
03 April 2009 / 6:00BST

Philips 42PES001 review

It’s almost laughably expensive, but can this stunning 42-incher make us delirious with its performance?
11 February 2009 / 6:00GMT

Samsung LE40A856 review

Samsung’s latest LCD is slim, stylish and sports some tasty media-streaming skills
06 February 2009 / 6:00GMT

Pioneer Kuro KRL-37V review

Pioneer marks its debut in the LCD TV market with a scorching 37inch set. But can your credit card handle...