• Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X
  • Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X

Strip an Ultrabook down to the basics and it's really just a very thin laptop. In which case Toshiba's new Z930 may well be the ultimate example of the form: it weighs in at 1.12kg and tapers down to a barely-there 8.3mm. 

That means it has the same dimensions as its predecessor, the flawed Z830, but otherwise it's had a much-needed overhaul over its 3-star sibling. 

Ultrabook hero? 

Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X

The trackpad has lost its metal bezel and fingerprint reader, so it feels more pleasant to use, it's now proudly sporting an Ivy Bridge processor and upgraded internal graphics, and its screen is one of the best in its class. 

The Z930 has a matte rather than glossy screen - so you won't suffer awkward reflections if you're using it outdoors or under bright office lights.


It's a bit of a shame that, as with rivals from the likes of Sony, the Tosh comes with a ridiculous amount of software preinstalled. Some of it quite useful, like the power monitor that will feed back exactly how many Watts you're using at any one time, but most of it is just wasting space. 

looks the business 

All those 'utilities' reinforce a suspicion that if it weren't for the almost improbably dimensions, the all-grey mag alloy and plastic Toshiba would be danger of feeling a littler corporate. As it is, however, that design keeps it in the fun zone. If you don't mind pruning some software, it's comfortably the machine to own. 

ports and in use 

Most of the ports are round the back in order to keep the size down, though Tosh has kindly put a single USB on the side for ease of access while you're working. More would be nice. 

The keyboard is solid and well supported given the Z930's lack of girth, but the button design makes the keyboard strangely thin, while the space bar is unresponsive. You'll get used to it though.


At just 16mm thick, this 1.12kg, Ivy Bridge Core i5 Ultrabook is so thin you’ll have to watch you don’t cut yourself. A 128GB SSD (admittedly stuffed full of bloatware) and a glare-free matte screen are handy, while 6GB of RAM and a 6-hour-ish battery tickle us too. 



Stuff says... 

Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X review

The Toshiba is so thin it's hardly there, but little is sacrificed to achieve such a small size 
Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X
Good Stuff 
Impressive performance
Svelte proportions
Matte display keeps reflections at bay
Bad Stuff 
Loaded with bloatware
Keyboard takes a bit of adjusting to