This game's title may make it sound more like a '50s B-movie than an innovative platformer, but don't let that put you off.

Instead, hop to your task of feeding hungry but helpless beings with crystals. For your charitable efforts you'll get munched along with said crystals, but we'll gloss over that.

It's great to find a game that has a different approach to most, and TNTBF's floaty object-hopping gameplay is lovely. The controls are simple – left, right and jump – and the focus is on avoiding pointy, death-inducing obstacles rather than clearing gaps. Jump away from the object you're standing on and you'll be pulled in by the gravity of the next.

Various platforms allow you to hop your way across the screen, coming in all different shapes, some move, some disappear, some rotate, and there are occasionally some big bad lasers to contend with too.

The game's graphical style is as striking as it is minimal, with simple black and white graphics against a variety of colourful patterned backdrops. The music, while unchanging between levels, manages to complement the leisurely, uncluttered feel of the game and you'll no doubt find yourself humming it as you negotiate obstacles in real life.

Progression through the game is very quick as levels are short, but the level of difficulty scales well. Once all levels are completed there are a number of achievements you can go back and complete – for instance completing whole levels without walking – which brings a new challenge.

They need to be fed, and we're more than happy to oblige.

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They Need To Be Fed review

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