It’s fair to say that the world isn’t exactly screaming out for another radio-iPod dock combination. But the latest Noxon iRadio is hoping to stifle your yawns with a simple tactic: an impressively lengthy list of features.    

It’s an iPod dock, internet Wi-Fi radio and has more connectivity than the national grid, with a USB connection for streaming audio from a hard-drive and a digital out.

Retro nasty

Aesthetically, it wouldn’t look out of place in the bargain electronics aisle at Woolworths with its bland and dated all black design and cheap-looking buttons. It looks like a seventies retro effort gone badly wrong.

Despite its suspect design setup is quick and easy. Simply entering your Wi-Fi password opens the door to the internet’s variety of radio stations in a matter of minutes.

Detailed menus

The menu system offers a useful list of local stations at the top. Plus, when choosing a station with an on-demand service (for example, Radio 6 music) you can access not only the live radio stream but podcasts and shows on the Beeb’s listen-again service. Ideal for the busiest of bees.

You can also access your iPod playlists and tracks from the menu screen on the front while your iPod charges.

The iRadio also successfully streams music from your computer without you having to switch it on. Combined with the iPod dock this black box gives you complete control of your music back-catalogue.

Poor FM signal

The rogue FM tuner is terrifyingly bad at picking up any form of signal. But its purpose needs questioning as you have access to all the FM stations online.

For over 200 nicker you expect a high calibre of sound quality. Unfortunately, the iRadio begins to wince if pushed past a modest Sunday afternoon The Archers volume. Even at a moderate level the quality is tinny and lacks any substance.

Its price puts the iRadio in the ring with high-end DAB radio and ipod dock hitters. Terratec will need to nurse some serious wounds as this combi is destined for a round one knockout. It is simply out of its depth compared to its rivals.


Stuff says... 

Terratec Noxon iRadio review

The iRadio is another Wi-Fi radio that just leaves you wanting more for your money