iPod docks come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, and with a bit of fishing around you'll find one to replace all manner of old-fashioned appliances. Terratec's Noxon 2, for example, is just the right compact size to double as a very effective bedside clock radio – or 'clock-dock', if you will.

So it will wake you when you ask it to, with either radio or the sounds from your beloved 'Pod.

But that's not all: what makes the Noxon 2 a little bit special is the fact that it has internet radio alongside that FM tuner. It uses built-in Wi-Fi connectivity – or a cabled Ethernet connection, in case you haven't yet embraced the wireless era – and, once connected, will to tune you in to 10,000-plus online stations from all over the world.

Good bedside manner

The Terratec is a universal integrated dock, and will happily host any Apple iPod from third to fifth generation, as well as every kind of Nano. The remote is bigger than the usual flimsy credit card-sized affairs you get with iPod docks and gives you full control over your player, although it takes a little while to get used to.

There's also a handy USB port for external sources. Add to that the ability to stream from your hard disk (via Wi-Fi) and it's not hard to see you're getting a lot for your money.

The screen is good, too: it displays all the track, album and artist info from your iPod, as well as relevant info from internet radio stations.

Sound lacks punch

If only the sound rivaled the specs in terms of value for money, then this little machine would be fantastic.

Audio certainly isn't bad, with a clean and polished approach to everything from Robyn to Razorlight. But the compact little Terratec's output reflects its diminutive design: clean, solid, but a little too demur, lacking real punch and muscle.

We like the Noxon 2. It's an impressive – if slightly expensive – bedside radio, and neatly marries the iPod dock concept with internet radio. And if that ain't a good idea, we don't know what is.


Stuff says... 

Terratec Noxon 2 review

A compact and funky iPod dock with internet radio to boot, but we'd prefer the sound to be a bit chunkier