Craig Grannell


I’m a regular contributor to Stuff magazine and, covering apps, games, Apple kit, the odd bit of Android, and regular crowdfunding oddities. I also pen opinion pieces when they let me, getting all serious about accessibility, and predicting when sentient AI smart cookware will take over the world, in a terrifying mix of Bake Off and Terminator. I also have a Korg Gadget addiction. Send help!

Nearish to Londonish, UK
Areas of expertise 

Mobile apps and games, Macs, iOS and tvOS devices, Android, crowdfunding, design, how to fight off an enraged smart saucepan with a massive stick

Languages spoken 
English, British

Articles by Craig Grannell

27 December 2018 / 9:00GMT

How to master: Comixology

Don your spandex super-suit and delve into a world of Marvel, DC and indie digital comics
23 December 2018 / 10:04GMT

App of the week: sok-edit review

Make collages the old-fashioned way, by hacking perfectly good snaps to bits and glueing them back together