Let's face it – even if you have nimbler fingers than a knitting champion, coupled with the most responsive touchscreen on the market, tapping in a long text or mail can still feel laborious.

Swype says so long to the button-by-button prod and introduces a new patented system of text input that will dramatically cut your texting time.

It works by allowing your finger (or stylus) to, well, swipe across the onscreen keyboard to the appropriate letters without having to lift your digit. A blue line will trace your keyboard trail and the software will predict your word with an eerie accuracy that would have it burned at the stake not so long ago – hardly surprising given that the app was dreamt up by the co-inventor of T9 predictive text.

Once you get your head (and fingers) round the system, the results are truly amazing – you can swish through words on the touchscreen with gusto, tap to select the correct choice if there's more than one possibility – hell, you don't even have to add in your own spaces.

It's claimed that Swype can double your texting speed to 40wpm from the point-and-tap 20wpm average. While we're not as proficient as that yet, we have noticed a remarkable increase in our efficiency and our digits feel much more dextrous than before.

It's still in Beta at the moment, so not on Android Market yet – simply go to swypeinc.com to register your interest.

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Swype review

Prodding is so passé. Save valuable finger calories and super-charge your texting time with this ingenious little helper

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