Pilotwings Resort may have the views and Nintendogs + Cats may have the fur, but when it comes to demonstrating of the raw power of the 3DS, this is where to look.

Like the acclaimed console versions, Super Street Fighter IV for 3DS looks stunning. The fighters boast an impressive level of detail and with the 3D on full they become almost tangible – like figurines brought to life.

And that’s before you even try the Dynamic View mode that swaps the traditional side-on view for an over-the-shoulder perspective that really lets the 3D effects shine.

Great as this is, looks aren’t everything. After all Street Fighter games demand precise button pressing that isn’t always easy on the tiny and compact controls of handheld consoles.

To compensate for this the game turns the 3DS touch screen into a virtual four-button pad on to which trickier moves can be assigned so that they can be executed in a single thumb tap. Street Fighter aficionados might balk at the idea of combo shortcuts, but it’s an addition that aids without removing the need to know button-based combos.

So the top notch brawling of the console versions of Super Street Fighter IV remains very much in tact. And even when played in Dynamic View, which could have been no more than an eye-catching gimmick, the game still delivers the goods. It might not be as good as the side-on view but it’s surprisingly close.

The game also embraces the social aspects of the 3DS. As well as the ability to scrap with others online, it uses the StreetPass feature, which lets nearby 3DSs share information with each other when in sleep mode, to carry out simulated battles between each owner’s chosen team of street fighters.

In fact the game gets so much right that its biggest flaw is that the backdrops to the fights are frozen scenes with motionless crowds. But when the action is this pitch-perfect and the visuals look this impressive, losing the animated backdrops is a small price to pay.

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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition review

Pitch-perfect action and impressive visuals make this a 3DS must-have