Bath veterans always swear that sensual oils and salts are the ultimate bathing accessories, but we’d rather not smell like we’ve fallen into a ditch of potpourri. No, instead we’ll be bringing our favourite toy to the bubbly party – this submarine-shaped radio.

Yellow Submarine

Available in both black and yellow, this radio will happily entertain you while you soak out the drudgery of the day, listening to your preferred station of choice.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the submarine bobs along on the surface while plying you with tunes through its waterproof speaker. The periscope acts as the antenna and the whole thing looks exactly how Ringo imagined it.

Underwater love

Don’t expect amazing sound quality as you are listening to radio pumped out of floating rubber submarine. But bathroom echoes help to improve the overall volume and buying two gives you an excuse to play Hunt For Red October.

Stuff says... 

Submarine Waterproof Radio review

Won’t exactly have hi-fi aficionados in raptures, but the submarine radio is a cheap and cheerful brightener for long soaks