Most bike riders are looking for the perfect combination of power and comfort. The majority of rides offer either one or the other, but not Specialized’s Roubaix Expert. 

This bike will sprint off the line almost as fast as the zingiest and harshest of rides. Yet miles later, whether in a race or on the streets, you won’t be faced with aching joints or, more importantly, numb plums. 

Specialised tricks

How does it achieve this? A variety of smart tricks throughout the bike. The carbon frame and forks help deliver power, but soften impacts too. This is increased by the use of Specialized’s elastomer ‘Zertz inserts’ in the fork, frame, seatpost and handlebars that further dampen vibrations.  

On top, there’s a ‘Body Geometry’ saddle to help keep blood-flow to your danglies even after hours in the saddle. And underneath the 25mm Roubaix Pro tyres can be run safely down at 90psi to deal with the harshest of roads.

Sprint speed

All of this subtly comfort-enhancing stuff doesn’t come at the expense of a lively and fast ride either. The componentry throughout leans towards the lightweight, bling and carbon, without sacrificing reliability. 

Plenty of top-notch Shimano Ultegra (brakes, gears, wheels) is backed up with ergonomically shaped bars, carbon seatpost and headset to deliver responsive handling, an engaging ride and plenty of speed – just without the body-battering brutality of other race bikes. And that’s something you’ll be thanking it for if you ride anything other than the shortest of sprints.


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Specialized Roubaix Expert review

Designed for long hours in the saddle – a perfect balance of speed and comfort