At just £30, the SW50 seems to be a bit of a steal. This 7cm-wide speaker – small enough to slip into Darth Vader's clutch bag – pairs with any Bluetooth A2DP device and deals with hands-free calls too. Battery life is a rather lacklustre three hours for music and four for calls, after which you'll need to recharge it via micro USB. But that's the only blot on its copybook – until you give it a listen, that is.

SoundWave SW50: small sound

It's small. And it sounds small. It does manages to avoid the "drunked wasp in a can" noise beloved of smartphones, but don't expect to turn your park social into a P-Diddy bump and grind-a-thon as bass is nigh-on absent. Still, it's a doddle to use and at least voices come through clearly.

SoundWave SW50: simple

With no volume control of its own, the SW50 relies on the level at which your Bluetooth-connected gadget is outputting – basic, but nice and simple.

Stuff says... 

SoundWave SW50 review

Great price, style and features, but the SW50's sound quality falls short