Sony getting excited about its first player with video replay is a bit like a car manufacturer crowing about the inclusion of air con. It’s nuffing new, mate. But, given this player’s instant visual appeal, we’ll indulge the electronics giant.

Friendly face

Previous Sony players have relied on slick usability and brilliant sound to impress, and the concern in Stuffland was that the inclusion of video replay could mean interface and sonic sacrifices.

Worry not fellow gadget-mainliners, the NW805 is supremely easy to operate – this, Samsung, is what we mean by one-handed-friendly operation – and the menus are super-intuitive. Battery life also goes up to an impressive eight hours for video.

As for the sound, simply put, it’s Best in Class. Helped by seriously capable bundled buds, the NW805 gives good bass, bashes out beats, and happily devours all music genres.

Video star

Even better, the software package includes Image Converter 3.0, meaning getting moving pictures on to the player isn’t – as with some rivals – as problematic as flushing your sofa down your toilet.

And once the files are on the machine the 2in screen looks top: rapid action is smooth and detail levels are high. LG’s spanking new FM37 offers smoother and more vibrant video, but otherwise Sony’s video Walkman totally impresses. We like.

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