On paper, this is undoubtedly one of the most attractive contenders if you’re after a 37in LCD TV.

The 37W5500 uses many of Sony’s newest picture processing technologies, including Bravia Engine 3 and Motionflow 100Hz. But with memories of excessive backlight bleed from a 40in set we tested in the W5500 range, we were keen to see if history would repeat itself and rob it of a fifth star.

Lifting of the clouds

Luckily, Sony been tweaking away and corrected any such issues. With the backlight set to position two or three through the on-screen menus, the picture shows much greater stability and doesn’t suffer any major side-effects.

Some might prefer a truer black, but the Sony counters this with a punchier, more dynamic picture. And elsewhere it tries hard to convince.

Feed it a Blu-ray and you’re treated to an unbelievable amount of detail and a picture with enviable edge definition and depth. Even without Motionflow engaged (some might find the effects of the tech too surreal), the 37W5500 demonstrates excellent flexibility with complex movement.

Tricky panning shots can trip up some TVs, but here the image is in safe hands.

Colour me good

As is the case with the Sony ‘S’ series model, images benefit from a beautiful colour palette that’s vivid without being overblown – and that applies to DVD images, too.

Turn your attention to Freeview and good test channels like Sky Sports News or BBC News 24, and you’ll see that the Sony’s picture is on a par with the frontrunners at this size.

We’re only talking a small degree of difference, but the speakers in the 37W5500 do sound more forthcoming and communicative than those found in other TVs, including the ‘S’ series equivalent.

With no backlight issues holding it back, the ’37W5500 is just a superb all-round performer.

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Sony KDL-37W5500 review

Sony’s W Series is back to winning ways with a belting, benchmark-setting performance