If most cameras' internal memory is the equivalent of a corner shop, the Sony DSC-T2's has been blessed with something akin to Harrods. Beneath its gaudy shell has been shoehorned in 4GB of flash storage to save you the hassle of splashing out on fiddly memory cards.

Indeed, only the truly prolific snapper will  ever need to take advantage of the T2's Memory Stick slot. Using the camera at its full eight-megapixel capability, the internal memory can store well over 1,200 shots – enough maybe for that jaunt round the world you've been planning since uni.

Big, and very touchable

There's more where those glitzy features came from too. A 2.7in touchscreen display takes up most of the back of this quirky-looking camera, and there are also the two features all the best-dressed compacts around town need at the moment: face-detection and anti-shake technology.

In the hand, the DSC-T2 feels reassuringly solid. It's mostly very easy to use too – slip down the shutter cover and it'll jump quickly into action, while the touchscreen menus are all self-explanatory. The only problem is that you occasionally need to press the screen harder than you'd imagine to get a response.

However, one of the newer features, Smile Shutter, is slightly blighted. The idea is that it only takes a picture when your subject is smiling, but it can be incredibly frustrating if you've forgotten it's on and miss the fleeting smile of your grumpy nephew.

Picture fantastic

Still, the T2 is well worth persevering with because, while at first glance it may look like an obvious candidate for a style-over-substance slagging, it's actually a fine camera – highly responsive and capable of producing some excellent pictures.  

Outdoor images are bold and bright, with rich, deep colour reproduction. Shots taken indoors are served well by the anti-shake function, while face detection works wonders at lighting people correctly in even the dimmest situations.

This all adds up to one very impressive package. And, if you shop around, it's surprisingly affordable considering the pricey flash storage in its belly.


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Sony DSC-T2 review

This Sony is bags of fun, easy to use and capable of taking high-quality images that belie its lightweight looks