Put the 'S363 Blu-ray player next to Sony's current budget king, the BDP-S360, and you'll be pushed to find any differences. There are none.

This Sony Centre exclusive is identical in every way except the remote control. The new model comes with a backlit wand.

We always get a bit nervous when a manufacturer claims that a new model is supposed to be identical to a current favourite. What happens if we find that the performance doesn't match?

Great performance

Thankfully, there's no need to fret. We're pleased to report that the 'S363 is every bit as good as the 'S360.

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Images fed through the HDMI output look punchy and entertaining. Action scenes in particular are handled with real confidence. Detail levels are superb, skin tones are just right, and edge definition is razor sharp. There's also great speed and insight to the player's sound that mimics that of its identical twin.

If you come across the 'S363 in your local Sony centre, then you can be safe in the knowledge that it's every bit as good as the 'S360. And that's nice to know…

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Sony BDP-S363 review

The model number differs, but picture and sound are up to the class-leading standards of its twin, the 'S360