Sony has been firing on all its Blu-ray cylinders recently, totting up a host of five-star products across the home cinema spectrum.

Looking to build on this is its new Blu-ray player line-up. So is the BDP-S360 up to continuing the Japanese giant's form?

Supreme motion handling

One thing Sony has nailed on with its latest TVs is motion. Be it 100Hz or 200Hz, the company's screens transport objects across your field of vision with an unrivaled smoothness. Thankfully, this has continued into the world of Blu-ray with the BDP-S360.

Sony's 24p True Cinema technology ensures we're watching 1080p/24fps video as intended, with images rendered with the sort of fluidity usually reserved for less realistic picture processing modes.

It's not just the pictures that are a fluid affair. Sony's menus and interface are predictably slick, with the Xross Media Bar adding a little more flair to operation.

Impressive technical spec

All the crucial technical requirements are ticked off, too: HD audio decoding, BD-Live support and an Ethernet connection – though, once again, you'll find no multichannel analogue outputs. Luckily, audio sounds just fine when sent over HDMI.

TrueHD soundtracks are fast and detailed, meaning voices sound emotional rather than robotic. There's not quite the power and dynamics offered by the Pioneer BDP-320, but it's not far off.


Superb 1080p upscaling

DVD transfers look superb when upscaled to 1080p to fit our TV's resolution. Detail levels are good and there's a wide, subtle colour palette and smooth motion.

Step-up to HD and the leap in quality is satisfying – just as it should be.

The small but instantly noticeable changes are apparent across the board, and it's only the Pioneer BDP-320's staggering ability to uncover detail that leaves this player scrabbling at its rival's coat tails.

Regardless, this is a supremely persuasive piece of kit and simply one of the finest adverts for Blu-ray players we've seen at this sort of money.


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Sony BDP-S360 review

It's nigh-on impossible to gripe with what's on offer here for the money

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