After recently announcing the mighty 8 megapixel C905, we feared Sony Ericsson’s newly appointed C902 five-megapixeller might lose some of its camphone lustre. We needn’t have worried – this Cyber-shot member is every bit as eye-catching, with a fabulous slimline bod and a cool covert camera slider action.

Measuring a rail-thin 10.5mm thick, the HSDPA blazing C902 has unceremoniously dethroned the LG Secret as the slimmest 5MP camphone on the planet. It’s like the K810i has gone on hunger strike while simultaneously pumping iron. But while it may be lean, its torso is still incredibly solid with a nice heft behind it.

Downsized flash

Unfortunately, the size zero physique comes at a price: Sony Ericsson has ditched the Xenon flash. After digging the bulb flash in the K850i we thought this sacrifice would dampen our love but once you handle its slender chassis, all is forgiven. The replacement flash is still capable if a tad weedy in some low level lighting environments.

Sony Ericsson must also have been watching too many espionage movies because the C902 sports a nifty spy camera type slider action. Pull open the top of the phone and the lens is revealed, firing up the snapper within a couple of seconds. We wonder if frequent usage may loosen the mechanism but it appears firm and resilient enough.

Camera shortcuts galore

Flanking each side of the two-inch display are eight highly receptive touch-sensitive shortcuts to let you tinker with the settings. Ace face detection and image stabilisation technology now run alongside standard issue Cyber-shot photo trickery like BestPic and PhotoFix, and you still get a truckload of effects, such as white balance modes, to play with.

Naturally, with all these photos mods to polish your snaps the C902 keeps up the Cyber-shot rep for taking quality photos. The autofocus and Macro focus for close-ups sharpens its eye and, just like the K850i, the pictures display a cute sense of detail and true colour depiction.

Geotag your photos

Using cellular triangulation location technology, the C902 can now geotag your photos, letting you view where you took them on embedded Google Maps. It’s not as pinpoint accurate as having a built-in GPS receiver to tag your position, so the photo thumbnail will appear within a ballpark 5000 metres of its location.

Like the K850i, this slim shooter packs accelerometer motion sensors for viewing snaps or web pages in landscape mode and a tidy under-one-roof media menu that’s spot on for accessing your Mega Bass boasting music player, video, podcasts, photos, games, web feeds and podcasts.

Unless your K850i is starting to look a tad chunky and a Xenon flash isn’t a top priority, we see no reason to trade your Cyber-shot in for the C902. But we’re so smitten with its slimline figure and secret agent camera action that the temptation might just be too strong.


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Sony Ericsson C902 review

Despite the lack of Xenon flash, the deliciously slender C902 is still a sharp shooting camphone