The first balloon floating game in Stuff's collective memory is the 1991 Game Boy title Balloon Kid.

But Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon is nothing like Balloon Kid, and nothing quite like any other game we can think of.

As soon as you start using the app, you're immediately drawn into Sir Benfro's brilliant world – that's before you even get a sniff of his much-hyped balloon.

Beautiful hand-drawn graphics give the game a Victorian Terry Gilliam effect. Even the cheerful background score helped to squeeze tiny drops of joy out of our usually stoney hearts.

The gameplay is simple enough – touch the screen and Sir Benfro rises, let go and he falls.

His balloon relies upon its filling of fireflies to provide the lift, but it's a leaky old balloon so you'll need to collect more along the way to stay airborne.

Make no mistake – this game is hard. Even on the easiest/slowest of the three difficulty settings it takes some real perseverance to get past even the first level.

Any bumps and scrapes shed fistfuls of fireflies and bring Sir Benfro to a halt, significantly slowing his progress and hampering his chances of making it to the end of the level.

The key to success is controlled, long presses which boost speed and conserve your firefly fuel. Short taps will have you dropping out of the sky faster than a narcoleptic seagull.

This is easier said than done, with a wide variety of rocky scenery and strange beasties ready to down your afro-adorned friend at every corner.

It's a straightforward but beautifully executed game, and even if at first you don't succeed, Sir Benfro will have you coming back for another trip on his balloon.

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Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon review

We can confirm that Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon is brilliant