Value for money is all relative. One person’s definition of a perfectly sensible pair of jeans is another’s exemplar of fashion obsession gone mad.  

SIM2’s gigantic new HT5000 projector elicits much the same debate. Nobody can fail to be impressed by its fabulous picture but some are going to find its immense £40,000 price an insurmountable obstacle.

The sheer brilliance of its image has made up our minds, though. We’re giving it a firm five stars as a way to make your home cinema experience complete. If you’ve got the money, it’s money well spent. Seriously.

You’ll note we’re not saying the SIM2 is the very best there is. It could well be, but we can’t be certain: we don’t test kit this expensive or capable very often, unsurprisingly. What we can say unequivocally is that the SIM2’s amazingly bright image and ultra-high real-world contrast gives you an image more cinematic than any we’ve experienced before.

No image scaling required

Cutting-edge technology lies at the heart of this dream machine. The HT5000 is the first projector we’ve seen to combine the benefits of 1920x1080 resolution with the virtues of the three-chip DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection system.

This means that the SIM2 can directly ‘map’ 1080i or 1080p hi-def video onto its display, with no image scaling. Meanwhile, the three-chip system delivers a far greater range of colours than a simple single-chip project. A single chipper will give you just over 16 million potential colours variations. Three chips offers 35 trillion different hues.

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Bain of the make-up artist

Hard to imagine? Of course – so let’s bring it back to basics. We’ve never seen a projector picture that offers more realistic colours. It’s so transparent you can clearly discern the difference in film stock, in the quality of computer-added effects, in the skill of make-up artists and much more.

The sharpness and colour realism is so intoxicating, we’re thankful that the nice man from SIM2 came to pick it up before we got too carried away and did some real damage to our bank balances.

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SIM2 HT5000 review

Movie fanatic? Own your own Hawaiian island? Then you must buy this projector, our oligarch friend