Siemens’ entire range of stainless steel coffee machines wouldn’t look out of place in the Design Museum, but its motion-sensitive TK911 Nespresso maker takes the brushed aluminium biscuit.

With Porsche Design taking care of the styling, the TK911 was always going to be a masterclass in engineering – and with an automatic door that glides open when your hand approaches, it’s hard not to be impressed.

High design

The TK911 is styled to match Siemens’ other Porsche-designed kitchen kit – such as the popular kettle and sporty toaster – and takes a symmetrical form based on two cylinders. In the middle is a Perspex panel that glides open automatically to take a Nespresso pod, so there’s no danger of staining the brushed aluminium with greasy fingerprints or spilt coffee granules.

A digital display confirms the type of capsule you’ve got, and you just insert the pod and press ‘go’ for a one-step cappuccino in less than a minute. There’s also a jug for the milk whirl system, a frother nozzle if you appreciate a good head on your coffee and a plate on top for pre-warming your cups.

Pods or beans?

The debate between fans of individual coffee capsules and those who prefer to see the raw bean rages on but, whatever your stance, the Nespresso capsules that all of the Siemens range take have several advantages.

Firstly, each capsule is vacuum-sealed, so you get a fresh cup each time. There’s no mess either and you can choose from a range of 12 pods available at, so you can have an espresso in the morning and a cappuccino in the afternoon without having to tear open another bag of coffee granules.

Big and expensive

On the downside, they are definitely less environmentally friendly and you lose the hands-on feel of bean-to-cup machines. It’s a case of deciding whether you’re a beanie or a poddie before browsing for coffee makers.

As pod machines go, this is the largest freestander we’ve seen – and the most expensive. But it’s easy to see where the money has been spent and, because it’s so quiet and clean, you could install it in any room in the house. We’re going to put ours in the kitchen, though, next to our Siemens Porsche kettle and our internet-enabled fridge.


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Siemens Porsche Design TK911N2GB review

Not for coffee obsessives as it takes pods rather than the raw bean, but it’s hard to find a sexier kitchen gadget