Shure’s been at the sound isolation game since you were in short trousers and by now knows just what we want to get from a pair of its in-ears.

But it also knows how inconvenient fighting with a skinny jean pocket for a smartphone can be when you want to skip a track – hence the SE115m+.

Remote possibilities

Based on the SE115, the m+ brings some neat functionality through its 3.5mm jack. There’s a sturdy in-line microphone on the right bud’s cable that is surrounded by three buttons, allowing remote control of your modern (2008 or later) iPod or iPhone.

With the buttons you can take calls, pause, play and skip tracks and adjust volume. It’s a neat system, and while Shure’s take on the iPod remote is on the chunky side, it’s not unwieldy.

Owners of other phones can still use the middle button for pausing music and answering calls, but that’s your lot. Pays to be an Apple fan, see.

Otherwise these are standard SE115s. The neat, chunky earbuds are rubberised and feel of a high quality, and the selection of tips is extensive enough to suit ears of any predictable dimension. The cable is reassuringly thick and of sensible length.

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Bass in your face

Once you’ve wrapped them behind your ears and blocked the world out with our preferred foam tips, you’ll be greeted with a sound that’s unmistakeably Shure. Weighty bass makes dance and hip-hop tracks a great-fun listen, and dynamics are pronounced enough to give music scale. The overall balance is warm and welcoming.

However, that bass can get a bit excitable. It sometimes overwhelms the slightly receded treble, making rock tracks sound somewhat closed-in and detail-less. It’s not quite a deal-breaker, but there are more insightful and subtle headphones at this price, such as Klipsch’s Image X5s and Phonak’s Audeo PFE122s.

If you want the convenience of full remote domain over your iPhone’s tunes, though, the Shures represent a fine, integrated option. Rein that bass in and they’d be real winners.

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Shure SE115m+ review

A clever upgrade to the SE115s that’ll wow iPhone owners. Chill the bass down, though