While the aurally squeamish are better off going for a pair of hefty on-ear cans than some intrusive in-ears, Shure’s range are a fine iPod upgrade for everyone else. Our favourite pair at the time of writing are the SE110s, which are riding high in our headphones Top 10.

The SE115s are based on these fine performers, but have two main differences: they add a dynamic driver for supposedly beefier sound, and are available in red, blue and pink paint jobs.

Choice of hues

These colours make a nice change from the dull black models that usually frequent our ears, not to mention the iPod-friendly white ones.

Don’t let the fact the SE115s come with a ‘Fit Kit’ worry you either. It may sound like a compulsory gym membership, but it’s actually an assortment of different-sized foam and plastic ear tips designed to make the in-ear intrusion of the SE115s as comfortable as possible.




Beefy bass

Inside the earpiece you’ll find Shure’s second-generation Dynamic MicroSpeaker, which definitely adds greater weight and solidarity.

The SE115s don’t sound fat or bass-heavy, though. Low frequencies are taut and agile and this allows the headphones to time extremely well.

The whole sound is full-bodied and expertly balanced, with no sign of thinness in the treble, particularly where vocals are concerned.

If you’re thinking about splashing out on some in-ear headphones that cost (relatively) big bucks, the SE115s should be right at the top of your shopping list.


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Shure SE115 review

More colourful and better-sounding than their stablemates, and one of the best iPod upgrades you can buy