It’s fair to say that Shure knows what it’s doing when it comes to making earphones. Not only has the company been doing it for some time, it has invariably been at the top of the class, too.

At £80, the SE110s are the company’s entry-level sound-isolating earphones – but don’t go thinking there’s any scrimping on sound quality.

Tailored fit

For noise isolating headphones, a correct fit is absolutely paramount. Thankfully Shure has provided some eight different fittings, or ‘sound isolating sleeves’, with the SE110s.

This should mean a snug fit, with the earbud sitting comfortably in the ear canal and screening out most ambient noise.

Elsewhere you’ll also find a modular headphone cable that allows you to add components or change the length to suit. Available in black or white, the buds come packaged in a neat carry case, too.

Return to form

But it’s with the earphones themselves that Shure really comes in to its own, with in-bud balanced microspeakers tasked with doing the all-important work.

And after a slight wobble with recent models, the Shure SE110 earphones mark a real return to form, delivering plenty of space for the track to breathe and creating an impressively large soundstage.

Natural vocals

Switch to Santogold’s ‘Les Artistes’ and this space translates to natural, textured vocals. A good pair of headphones can make for a more intimate delivery than is possible from stereo speakers, and these Shure buds are a good case in point, with vocals always sounding immediate and emotive.

Get that fit right and you won’t be disappointed by the amount of bass either, basslines being delivered with punch and power alongside definition and agility.

In your ears

There is undoubtedly a level of intrusion with proper in-ear buds such as these – while not as squeamish as some, they do go into your ear canal – but the SE110s are a comfortable example and the pay-off is sublime sound quality.



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Shure SE110 review

Effective noise isolation coupled with a comfortable fit and brilliant sound quality