WIN! A S$569 Polar M600 smartwatch could be yours if you share your tech horror story

Tell us all about your tech-related misery to score yourself a smartwatch

The worst tech situations have happened to the best of us since the dawn of the technological times.

Have you ever dropped your phone into the loo after just purchasing it, or had your laptop crash on you after finishing up a big presentation? How about that time when your non-water-resistant wearable was completely destroyed after getting caught in a sudden storm?

Or did you experience something like this guy who dropped his iPhone 6 on live TV?

You have until 11.59pm, 31 October to submit your worst tech nightmare. Give us as much detail (100-300 words) Make us feel bad for you, so we can make you feel better with the prize we're giving you - the Polar M600, a modern fitness-tracking marvel of a smartwatch worth S$569. It might not fully make up for your moment of grief, but it will definitely help a little bit.

So go on, submit your answer below. May the best worst story win.