WIN! Run the tracks with a brand new Polar M430

Track your runs with the exclusive orange model worth S$359

Here's a top level watch for those love to run the extra mile, and a little bit more. 

This GPS running watch will help you time your runs, and keep track of all your training sessions - recording your heart rate, pace, interval times and speed. Plus, thanks to its GPS tracker and the great Polar Flow app, you have a detailed analysis of your runs and track your progress, helping you achieve your goals whether it's preparing for a marathon or to improve your IPPT

Then there's other cool features like a built-in heart rate monitor, monitoring your sleep with Polar Sleep Plus, in addition to counting every step and calorie you burn while you have it strapped to your wrist makes it the perfect partner for whichever training you're up for.

Want to win this amazing watch for your next run? Just get to know the Polar M430 and what it can do here, and answer the simple question below. 

Contest closes 11:59pm, 4 August so hurry!