WIN! Pioneer DJ kit to use with your iOS and Windows devices [Competition now closed!]

To celebrate the launch of its new range of equipment in Singapore, Pioneer is partnering with Stuff to give away DJ kit perfect for beginners

Yup, you read it right. Pioneer is taking over the DJ scene in Singapore with the launch of three new products for all levels of DJs – from bedroom amateurs to nightclub pros.

All you need to do to win the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO (pictured above) is hear what Butter Factory DJ and Pioneer Singapore Champion, Zushan, says about DJ-ing in the teaser video below and answer a simple question here.


“This is ideal for start-up DJs who are playing in their bedroom or at house parties. It’s portable and USB-powered so you can take it from party to party, and you can hook it up to your iPhone 5, your iPad, and your laptop," says DJ Zushan.

"It’s really straightforward to use. You’ll need to know the basics of mixing but you can easily figure it out – the bright lights tell you when you’re mixing in beat and if not, there’s always the sync button! The Virtual DJ software is quite simple too. It works on Windows and Mac and you can mix MP3s or videos.”

Price: $499


“This is a modified version of the music industry's standard DJ mixer that’s in all the clubs in Singapore – Butter Factory, Zouk, Fenix Room, Pangaea and all the music festivals around the world," says Zushan, pictured below. 

"This new version is more durable. The faders survive longer. And all the features on this upgrade work directly with Serato software, and with Technics 1210s and CDJs too.

"This model is for pros – I like to beat juggle and scratch with it. No one would stop you using this as a beginner but it might be tough at first. If you don’t start on this mixer to begin with, somehow you will end up using it eventually.”

Price: S$3049