WIN! Get your hands on an LG Sound360 Bluetooth Speaker

Experience surround sound with this audio powerhouse worth S$249

It’s not everyday you come across a speaker that sounds as good as it looks, but LG’s Sound360 aims to impress in all areas.

First up, check out the speaker’s cylindrical form which resembles a coffee tumbler. The unconventional design lets the Sound360 blend seamlessly into your home or office, no matter the décor. Guess what, this also means it’s as portable as a tumbler, making it an awesome travel buddy.

Soundwise, we’re talking crisp and clear audio quality with a 360 degree range, so music sounds great from every direction, no matter where you are in the room. Thanks to LG’s Multi Point technology, the Sound360 can be connected to multiple Bluetooth sources at once.

It’s also equipped with Dual Play which lets you hook up your phone to two speakers, along with TV Sound Sync for easy pairing with a TV or projector, so it’s perfect for gatherings. Speaking of gatherings, the Sound360 provides an astonishing 20 hours of playback on a full charge, so you can bet it’s going to be the life of every party.

Want to win one of these babies for yourself? All you’ve got to do is find out more about LG’s stunning new Signature OLED TV W here, and answer the simple question below.

Contest closes at 11.59pm, 18 June so hop to it!