Win! Free X-Men: Days of Future Past screening with Stuff, Samsung and Harvey Norman

We’ve got your weekend plans from 13 to 15 May sorted

X-Men: Apocalypse is upon us next week when it opens in cinemas here. To catch up on the story thus far, join us for a free movie screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past from 13 to 15 May!

No strings attached, really. All you have to do is sign up here or fill in your details below and cross your fingers. Because the chosen ones will get to come, along with a plus one, for the movie event.

Lest we forget to mention, this won’t be the only free movie you’ll be watching. You and your partner will each receive the following freebies:

  • a free Golden Village movie ticket to catch another movie
  • Harvey Norman vouchers
  • a free Samsung 64GB SD card
  • latest issue of Stuff Singapore magazine.

Freebies aside, joining us on this movie date is a reward on its own. Because you won’t be viewing this movie on any run-of-the-mill TV. You’ll be watching it on Samsung’s latest SUHD TV, treating your eyes to a visual experience unlike any other on the Samsung KS9000 Curved SUHD TV.

See for yourself the true-to-life picture quality of the new SUHD TVs and be amazed at the rich colours delivered by the Quantom Dot Display. Have a go at it and experience the smart and intuitive experience that is Tizen on the new SUHD TVs, and marvel at the engineering feat of its clean and streamlined 360 design.

Experience all that in the comforts of a living room set up by Harvey Norman.

All set? Then it’s time to choose your preferred movie slot from the following:

  • 13 May, Friday: 8 to 11pm
  • 14 May, Saturday: 1 to 4pm, 5 to 8pm, 9pm to 12 midnight
  • 15 May, Sunday: 1 to 4pm, 5 to 8pm

Don’t dawdle though, because we’ll be closing this invitation by 11 May, 11.59pm and we'll contact you by 12, May 11.59pm if you're the chosen ones! Sign up now!