Meet the people who really, really wanted the Apple Watch in Singapore

We popped by Nubox to speak to those who’ve been in line even before the sun came up

As with every Apple product launch, a queue can be expected.

Some even made a dash for it at the Apple Premium Resellers, which started selling the Watch a few hours earlier than Apple's online store. We headed down to Nubox at Raffles City Shopping Centre to check the line out, and gave those in wait for when the doors open at 9am a first feel of the Apple Watch.

If you're still on the fence, just answer these five questions from us to figure out if you really need (well, want) the Apple Watch. Don't worry, last we checked, you can still get the Watch within one business day if you order from the Apple Store. But before you do, here’s the full, compiled list of the Apple Watch prices for easy reading . 

Farah (29) and Syahrul (30)

In line since 8.10am

“We’re still deciding between the Watch Sport and Watch. The strap isn’t the issue. He currently has a Pebble watch, and he likes how he can get instant notifications on it. That’s very important for office workers like us because we’re used to keeping our phones in the drawer and can miss certain calls or messages.”

Wilfred Phua (29)

In line since 7am. 

“I’m getting the Space Grey Watch Sport with the black Sport band because my iPhone is also in Space Grey. I already have the Pebble, but being an Apple fan, I have to have the Watch. I like how Apple gamifies the fitness aspect of the Watch and I believe that watchOS 2 will make the Watch even better than it is now. Yes, I bought my t-shirt from the Apple Company Store"

Lawrence Gay (62)

In line since 6.40am.

“I’m lining up because my daughter is at work and can’t make it. She’s crazy about Apple and wants every new product as soon as it comes out. I’ve stood in line for the iPad and iPhone 6 for her. This is the model she wants me to get for her.”

Ong Ming Hua (30)

First in line at 5.45am

“I’m getting the 38mm Watch with the brown leather strap for a friend in Malaysia. It’s not for me.”